Fordham Trading Centre December Equipment & Clearing Sale - COMPLETED

December 15, 2023 10:00 AM
James Bradford

Auction ends Thursday 14th December 2023

See the Auction Plus site for more details.

Viewing and inspections: By appointment only.

Payment: due within 24 hours of a lot being sold (no exceptions) direct to JBR Livestock and Property. All payment and banking details will be on your invoice which will come from the auction exchange at the completion of the entire auction.

Bidding count down: lot 1 to 10 will close from 12:00pm, lot 11 to 20 will close from 12:05pm so on and so on the final day of bidding.

Bid extensions: watch the clock on the item/s you are bidding on and the sale will close in blocks of 10 lots per interval.

Collection | delivery: all items must be removed within 7 days from the date of the auction unless prior arrangements are made.

Storage fees may apply if an item is not collected within the allocated period as per your invoice.