The JBR Team wishes our valued clients and our Gunnedah community a safe and happy festive season. Like everyone, we are looking forward to a rest to reflect on the year and all that has been for our Gunnedah region and hope that 2023 is a smoother ride for all of us.

Widespread quality drops and considerable yield losses have been seen as unavoidable in winter crops all across New South Wales and Victoria as floodwater spreads in the major farmland regions of both states. With further rain expected, only crops on either the sloping eastern edge of the grainbelt, or the western edge spreading into Queensland are expected to escape the brunt of weather damage.

Foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious animal disease that affects all cloven-hoofed animals including cattle, sheep, goats, camelids (eg alpacas, llamas and camels), deer and pigs. Cloven-hoofed animals are those with a split toe. It does not affect horses.

Progress continues for our saleyards and it's great to see during the upgrades. The project will bring more jobs to the region by employing more than 80 people throughout the construction period...

Source article & photo credit: Beef Central
Bull prices continue to dominate discussion among cattle producers as records continue to tumble for beef breeds this month.

With an early start at 3:30am travelling 3.5 hours down the road to Carinda. From there we were picked up by helicopter to fly into our final destination due to flood waters.

Great to be back @ AgQuip 2022 - we gave the kids a day off school, dad had a little cattle job in the morning but soon joined us to finish a really enjoyable fun day

JBR was out & about on Sunday proudly supporting our local Junior Rugby Team in Armidale

It’s is with great pleasure JBR is out & about again this weekend at the Gunnedah Showjumping Festival 2022, a sport dear to my heart, a sport that gave me great pleasure and success as a young rider.

It's only been 52 years since the Gunnedah Red Devils held their last Home Grand Final so it’s sure to be huge! Looks like the whole town is getting behind it.